Indiana Premier Sheep Sale results available here

National Sale Greenville OH May 10 & 11. The sale catalog can be found online here.   The Shropshire consignment looks great with 125 head. All ewes will be Futurity nominated so here's your youngster's chance to get in on the Futurity.  
  National Sale Dinner on Friday evening May 10 at 6:00 PM. It's right there on the grounds! It will feature a full buffet, drinks and dessert. Tickets are $15 per person and reservations MUST be made by APRIL 30th. The program for the evening will be include the presentation of the 2024 Shropshire Hall of Fame award honoring Farrell Schultz. There also will be a Q&A discussion of Shropshire DNA testing.  We may even get to meet the 2024 Shropshire Royalty recipients as well as the 2024 Starter Flock winners. Please make your reservations by 4/30 to .You may pay at the door but a count for the caterer is required.  

2nd Annual Junior Association Kick-off Fundraiser Sale on Breeders World on May 1.  
  We are seeking donations of items for this sale. This can be sheep, semen, fitting services, gift certificates, or whatever. Get creative. We will also be selling sponsorships of awards for our juniors (Futurity Belt Buckles and Banners and NAILE Showmanship Banners). If you have ever won a stack of sponsored awards from anywhere, it might be your opportunity to give back and offer a donation or sponsorship! This will also be a easy way to reserve your ad for month on the homepage of the Shropshire website   12 months will be available. Make your bid for your desired month and Rinda Maddox will design your ad at no cost!

Dwarf Gene Policy News
In 2023, after 2 years of discussion, the ASRA Board instituted a project to assess the presence of the Dwarf gene with in the Shropshire breed. The Dwarf Gene is a simple autosomal recessive defect that is characterized by the affected offspring being proportionally reduced in frame size and weight to approximately 80-85% of normal size.  These individuals are often characterized by “increased muscle shape” in the show ring.  It is unclear at this time if the difference in phenotype of the muscle is due to a change in the size of the muscle fibers or due to differences in the distribution of muscle related to the change in frame size.   Carrier animals (and in some cases affected individuals) cannot be easily distinguished from dwarf-free animals due to normal differences in phenotype between different bloodlines and individuals. The Dwarf gene is present mostly in the black-faced wether-type sheep.
    At any sale where Shropshire Futurity Ewes may be consigned, Shropshire consignors must be able to guarantee, by testing or parentage, the DNA of their sale entries. All sheep offered at these sales must be guaranteed to have the genotype FF, no Dwarf gene carriers  (FD) or Dwarf animals (DD) will be offered for sale. These genotypes will be posted on the sale orders at such sales or in online catalogs. This will continue into 2024 and 2025. In addition, some animals at designated shows be sampled and DNA tested through a recognized testing facility. All test results will be confidential and only the exhibitor will be informed of the result. Shows at this time include the All American Junior Show as well as the NAILE Open and Junior Shows. Other shows may be designated in the future. All Champion and Reserve Champion Rams and Ewes as well as 5 previously random drawn placings will be tested as well as the Ewe Lamb and Yearling Ewe Futurity winners.  There will be no penalty in 2024 for animals testing with 1 or more Dwarf alleles (D). In 2025, there will be penalties levied. The ASRA Dwarf/DNA committee will hear all appeals. The ASRA currently does not prohibit a breeder from registering animals with 1 or more D alleles but suggests that breeders use the technology available to make wise breeding decisions.
    In 2023, 26 samples collected at the AAJS and NAILE were sent to GeneCheck. A total of 3 samples had a result of FD. No results were DD. The exhibitors of these animals were notified by the secretary but otherwise, results are not shared.
    Further information about Ovine Dwarfism can be found at this link.

Shropshire Hall of Fame
Nominations are due in the office ASAP. If you've been thinking about nominating a breeder from the past or even a current one, now is the time. Presentations are expected to be made during the Ohio Showcase Sale weekend in May. The application can be found here.

Shropshire Scholarship
Two $400 college scholarships are available in 2024. Applications are on the Youth page and that deadline is June 1st.

Shropshire Sponsorship
None of these programs happen without your help and your Sponsorship is always needed. The 2024 All American Junior Show will be in East Lancing, Michigan, in July. Your support for class sponsorships is appreciated. $35 is needed for each class and your name will appear on ringside banners.
    Funds are needed for Junior programs like the Starter Flock, Futurity and NAILE Jr Show awards and other activities, Plans are underway for the 2nd Annual Shropshire Jr Association Kickstart Online Sale in May where you may purchase sponsorships or items that may be donated for sale. Please contact Becky Peterson for more information.

Shropshire Centerstage
The place where one Shropshire breeder a month can share their story and promote their Shropshires in a unique and effective manner!

Click here for a list of Centerstage Sponsors August 2023 – July 2024.

To have an ad featured on this home page, contact Becky Peterson at for information on how to be a featured breeder of the month.


ASRA Hall of Fame
    The Shropshire breed and its breeders are rich in history. The American Shropshire Registry Association (ASRA) has developed the Hall of Fame to honor people/families that have had a profound and positive impact on the growth, development, and legend of Registered Purebred Shropshire Sheep in the United States. The award will consist of a certificate with the recipient and/or farm name. The award will be presented/mailed to the recipient, if the recipient is deceased, the award will be presented to a family member. The recipient’s name will be added to the American Shropshire Registry Association Hall of Fame list that shall be printed in “The Voice”. It is the ASRA Board of Directors goal to embrace, celebrate and honor those people/families who have been historically influential to the Shropshire Breed. Click here for eligibility and nomination information (PDF).


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