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October Shropshire Voice available here.

Survey participation requested by a 4th year veterinary student at Washington State University who owns sheep and trains herding dogs.
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Shropshire Centerstage
The place where one Shropshire breeder a month can share their story and promote their Shropshires in a unique and effective manner!

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To have an ad featured on this home page, contact Becky Peterson at shropsec@hotmail.com for information on how to be a featured breeder of the month.


Shropshire Dwarf Gene Survey and Policy 2023
Recently the ASRA Board of Directors reviewed the Dwarf Gene Surveys sent last December. Five hundred twenty two surveys were emailed to Shropshire contacts and 34 were mailed to members not having email addresses. A total of 66 responses were received. All districts were represented. Results available here.

ASRA Hall of Fame
    The Shropshire breed and its breeders are rich in history. The American Shropshire Registry Association (ASRA) has developed the Hall of Fame to honor people/families that have had a profound and positive impact on the growth, development, and legend of Registered Purebred Shropshire Sheep in the United States. The award will consist of a certificate with the recipient and/or farm name. The award will be presented/mailed to the recipient, if the recipient is deceased, the award will be presented to a family member. The recipient’s name will be added to the American Shropshire Registry Association Hall of Fame list that shall be printed in “The Voice”. It is the ASRA Board of Directors goal to embrace, celebrate and honor those people/families who have been historically influential to the Shropshire Breed. Click here for eligibility and nomination information (PDF).


Deaths in the Industry