NAILE Judge Selection
    After much discussion, the Shropshire Board of Directors has revamped the method used to select the Judge for the National Open Shropshire Show at NAILE. Starting for 2024 show, the method described below will be used to select the following year’s judge. Please read below and submit your nomination in writing to the Shropshire office by September 30 of every calednaryear.

1. Nominations for national open Shropshire show judge will be accepted by the judging committee via the Shropshire secretary from July 1st to Sept 30th in a calendar year.

2. One nomination is accepted per year from any paid membership (senior or junior).

3. All nominations will be contacted by the judging committee or Shropshire secretary in October to verify they will accept the responsibility of judging the following year’s national open show.

4. All nominees that accept the nomination will be provided with:
-Updated breed character scorecard
-Updated judging standards

5. All nominees accepting the nomination will provide a bio of qualifications to judge the national show
-Submission of the Bio by the nominee will acknowledge that they have received the above two documents and will take both of them into consideration when judging the show.

6. The judging committee will have the right to remove any candidates that are unqualified after reading the bios.

7. All qualified nominations and bios will be presented at the annual meeting to be held in person at the NAILE event and will be accessible via Zoom or some other online format to allow those not attending NAILE to vote.

8. A vote of all senior members will be taken of all approved nominees to determine the top three nominations. Total vote counts will not be made public prior to the second vote.

9. A 2nd vote will be taken of just the top 3 nominations. Votes will be tallied in “order of preference " with the highest vote being the top choice and so on.

10. The slate of judges will be presented to NAILE, in order of preference, to judge the following year.

11. All Bios received and approved by the judging committee will be placed on a preferred judges list to be held by the association. This list can be shared with any show or sale committee looking for a Shropshire judge.